Alpha Precision, Inc. specializes in ultrasonic drilling and machining of absolute and differential wafers for semi-conductor and MEMS applications as well as other methods of precision machining and polishing of glass, ceramic and other brittle substrates for a variety of end applications.
Alpha Precision, Inc. has the resources to be involved from the beginning of your project providing guidance for your design ideas. With your ideas and our fabricating and machining knowledge we can help design a part that fits your mechanical and financial requirements. Alpha Precision makes all our tooling in house ensuring absolute control over quality, schedule and cost.
Please see Alpha Precision's NEWS page for information on MicroBlast technology, structured glass wafers, rigid wafer carriers, and Alpha's new Precision Flatness Polishing (PFP) process.
Alpha Precision, Inc. has a management team with over 76 years of combined experience in the glass and ceramics industry and we look forward to working with you. Please contact us to discuss your current requirements and new R&D ideas. Send us an email at
Alpha Precision, Inc.
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